All About Satellite TV


A satellite television is a broadcasting service which enables users to get relay signals through a parabolic reflector antenna known as a satellite dish. After being received, the signals are decoded into television programs which end up on your TV set.


The origin of this invention dates back to 1957 when the Soviet Union launched the first satellite. Six years later in 1963, Syncomm II, the pioneer communication satellite was dispatched by the consortium of business and government entities. Finally, on March 1, 1978, television broadcasting through satellite was initiated.


Under this broadcasting system, we have three main categories. Number one is the Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), followed by the Television Receive Only (TVRO), and lastly the Direct To Home television (DTH). DBS and DTH have a direct transmission of signals to the consumer. As for the Television Receive Only, it is a term that was used to refer to receiving digital television feeds from FSS-type satellites.

Comparison to the cable TV

When compared to the cable television, there are areas where satellite tv falls short while coming top in others. For instance, it is still growing and has just over 250 channels which would require you to have a satellite dish, a set-top box, and antenna to access them. On the upside, it is 100% digital and has a much better reception. The cost depends on the number of channels selected, while its electronic program guide is very convenient. You can record, rewind, fast forward or pause programs. Lastly, it is for all channels.

Moving on to the cable Tv, it is very popular in households. Probably because of the more than 300 channels. Unfortunately, they are not for all like the satellite Tv. You would also need a set-top box, coaxial wires, and cables to get connected to both analog and digital channels. The cost of viewership is charged based on the local franchise fee on broadcasting. In addition to all that, it has the electronic program guide, video on demand and subscription services.


Individuals who have satellite television installed in their homes enjoy so many benefits. The first ones being high definition pictures and quality sound. Others are; having a wide range of programming options and channels to pick from including those in foreign languages, being able to pick a desirable package that fits your budget, and the easy access to AM and FM radios in big cities. To cap it all, you have the DVR or time-skipping option.

Satellite tv has taken television viewing to a whole new level. You can make it greater and efficient by hiring professional technicians to conduct the installations, repairs and maintenance services. They should be a reliable group of specialists who have mastered their craft and can assist in selecting the best system. Their expertise is crucial in setting up your home, restaurant, bar, or hotel. High-quality work will benefit you in so many ways. Call the number 087 550 1900 and get connected to one of the best service providers in the area. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for a discount.

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